While searching for a solution to visualize the data I'm processing with my Workout tools I've been searching for an existing solution, but none fit my needs.

I was looking for something that

None of the the solutions I've looked at did this.

For now I've just hacked up "something" that meets the most important needs. So there's still a lot missing and I expect quite a bit of change when the gaps are filled.

MyChart uses Cairo as drawing backend allowing it to support plenty output options including Gtk. For Gtk Support there's a prebuilt Widget.


Speed plot of concurrent SRM (red) and GPS (green) recording for getting the time of both files in sync. This allows adding elevation info to my SRM data:

Delta Plot

Merged Workout:

Workout Chart


0.03 2009-07-23

0.02 2009-04-23

Download / Code:

In case you're interested in this, you can find the source in the files folder or feel free to drop me a note.

Browse the git repository with the latest development changes on github.

Git clone url: git://github.com/rclasen/mychart.git